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"Being born and raised in Joliet it is gratifying to be able to share so many resources in the community for them. It is very rewarding also when you hear back the positive feedback after following up with the resources. It makes me realize no matter what your problem are… you don’t have to look far to count your blessings. "
Sue Bustin
"As the Bilingual Caseworker, I have the opportunity to provide direct support to Spanish-Speaking client and engage with individuals of various backgrounds . My role allows me to develop relationships with organizations and individuals to share regarding our services. The General Assistance program provides a helping hand with comfort and guidance. The goal is to connect clients with our services and additional resources they may benefit to enhance their well-being."
Alejandra Zamudio
Bilingual Caseworker
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"Working in GA allows you the unique opportunity to impart knowledge and resources to our clients in need. Often times for our homeless clients they find kind words are few and far between and something as simple as that provides them with encouragement. We are fortunate to be able to find satisfaction in our jobs but providing assistance to those in need and we go home at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment."
Patricia Venziano
General Assistance Director

General Assistance

All townships in Illinois are statutorily mandated by the legislature to levy taxes and administer general assistance for destitute township residents.

Who is eligible for GA?

Any township resident 18 years or older who is either a U.S. resident or legal alien admitted under current U.S. Immigration law.  The General Assistance Program is for adults without minor children, without adequate income, and ineligible for any other monetary forms of assistance.

General Assistance (GA) is a locally administered welfare program which provides monthly financial assistance to persons who do not have adequate income or resources to provide for their own basic needs. To qualify, the individual must meet certain financial and residential criteria, and not be eligible for any other state or federal assistance programs.  

Contact the Township Office at (815) 726-4781 for more information.

Emergency Assistance Program

Emergency Assistance is available to those who do not qualify for the Township’s General Assistance program.

For rental payments assistance, the applicant must have a current 5-day Eviction notice from the property owner, and proof that they are 5 days or more behind in their rent.

If the amount exceeds township payment amount, applicant must pay balance before the township funds are released. 

For utilities (water only at this time), the applicant must have a current Disconnection Notice from the utility company.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of the remaining balance being met through either their own funds, or proof of assistance from other service agencies; or the applicant must be able to provide satisfactory proof that the Property Owner has signed the Landlord agreement, or that the Utility Company has agreed to a payment Schedule.

Payment is based on household size, needs, and qualifications. It is payable once in a 12 month period.

All applicants must otherwise qualify in accordance with Financial and non-Financial eligibility requirements set forth in both the General and Emergency Assistance manuals and any addenda or amendments thereto.

When all the paperwork is completed including obtaining a copy of the fire report, the applicant then calls for an appointment with the Township’s General Assistance Caseworker at (815) 726-4781.

Who is eligible for EA?

Any township resident 18 years or older who is either a U.S. resident or legal alien. Emergency Assistance may be available for adults with minor children. This program is subject to the above listed criteria.

How Does a Resident Apply for Assistance

A general/emergency assistance application can be obtained from the township office. 

After an application is completed an applicant will meet with a case manager who will review his/her case and decide what other documents must be provided to consider eligibility status.

If an applicant is disabled, a person with power of attorney can apply for them.

Referral Services

Joliet Township case manager have established a strong networking relationship with many other Joliet/Will County agencies. Case managers work extensively with all individuals to ensure they are given every resource above and beyond our assistance program to assist them in their individual situations.

Referral services will explained in more detail when you contact the Township for possible assistance.