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NO. 377-2022


The Supervisor and the Township Board of Trustees have determined it to be in the best interests of the Township to establish advisory committees for: 

(i) Youth Services

(ii) Senior Services

(iii) Economic

(iv) Public Health

(v) Town Beautification

(vi) Township Outreach and Events


The Youth Services Committee supports programs and services that address youth...
...through the implementation of prevention techniques, crisis intervention, restorative justice, therapeutic involvement, case management and coordination of wraparound services with other community partners and agencies. Youth Services also advocates for programs and services which enhance the social/emotional development of youth and their families. Youth Services is committed to promoting positive opportunities for youth and families and to helping the youth and their families access needed services.
The Senior Services Committee is a consortium of township residents and community stake holders, with a...
shared goal of improving the quality of life for older adults. • Better the quality of life for older adults in the township by providing necessary information and services • Help evaluate the effectiveness of Township sponsored programs, make recommendations for revisions, or establish new programs as needed • Help generate public awareness of Township–sponsored senior services • Advise/assist the Senior Services Coordinator with programs as needed • Monitor and advocate for the current and pending legislation related to Senior Services. • Advise the Coordinator about comments, complaints, suggestions, requests and input they receive from residents/agencies in the Township
The Economic Development Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Township on matters of economic development, including...
...but not limited to the following: • To review and make recommendations concerning all development proposals, provided that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the sponsor of a rejected proposal from petitioning the Township directly; • To use resource persons for assistance and advice on specific proposals for consideration by the Committee; and • To gather and disseminate appropriate information regarding the economic vitality of the Township.
The Public Health Committee shall identify the needs and advise the Supervisor and Township of the public health...
especially relating present physical, behavioral, and mental health needs of the Township. This committee reviews grant proposals from agencies serving clients with mental illness or agencies providing intensive counseling type services and outreach meant to positively impact an individual or family’s wellbeing, especially in crisis situations. Programs address issues such as sexual abuse, family conflict, depression, substance abuse, and coping with cancer and other illnesses. The Public Health Committee is guided by three basic objectives: • Reviewing and monitoring current available services and programs • Informing residents of available services • Reviewing plans for meeting the future physical, behavioral, mental health and social service needs of Joliet Township.
The Town Beautification Committee serves as an advisory body to the Township In developing projects...
involving beautification. The committee may plan regular clean up days, organize plantings at the township offices, advise on public art, and help design other projects to help beautify Joliet Township. The goal is to positively impact the beauty of the community and enhance cultural opportunities for the Township through plantings, gardens, enhancement of natural habitats, and encouragement of the arts through volunteer efforts.
The objective of the Outreach and Events Committee is to locate target communities...
...for various Township programs and services. Members of the committee will be instrumental in making informed recommendations for outreach and additional events by researching data as well as consulting other valuable, perhaps less conventional sources in order to identify which Township communities have significant numbers of citizens experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, and other needs that make those residents more vulnerable.

Download the application Advisory Committee Application or complete online by using the form below.

Advisory Committee Application

Biographical Form- Questionnaire

Equal Opportunity Group

The Township Government has a continuing commitment to monitor the diversity and inclusion of all processes and to identify and address any inequities based on gender, race, ethnicity, or disability. The Township is committed to broadening the participation of groups currently underrepresented in government. In order to accurately gauge progress in achieving this important goal, we ask that applicants provide the requested demographic information about themselves. Submission of the requested information is voluntary and is not a precondition of selection.






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