Joliet Township was incorporated on November 6, 1849. The first election took place in 1850, but the township’s foundation was laid some twenty years earlier by pioneer settlers who came to the region by way of an old Indian trail known as the Sauk or Sac Trail. These early settlers were attracted to the area by its rivers and streams and the forests which grew along their banks, usually in small scattered groves, but sometimes in large belts of timberland many miles long.

Charles Clement, was the first Supervisor elected in Joliet Township, and he served a total of three years in that position. On January 10, 1850, the Board of Supervisors met for the first time. Each town had one representative. The population in 1850 was approximately 4,650.

The residents of 1850 were concerned about their crops, jobs, schools, the newly built I&M canal and improving their quality of life. During these early years of settlement, the adventurous and resourceful pioneers established a solid foundation upon which the present day communities in Joliet Township have flourished.