Freedom of Information Act Request

Procedure to request information relative to the Township for inspecting Township records and to obtain copies of Township records. Certification upon request.

Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, the Township is required to maintain a single central office file of written requests to inspect or copy Township records; therefore, the Township asks that all requests be addressed to the Joliet Township Government Office, 175 W. Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60432, where such central file will be maintained.  Please describe the information you are seeking with sufficient detail so the requested records can be found.

Any member of the general public may inspect records, obtain copies of records, certified upon request, and obtain information by one of the following:

1. Submitting the Freedom of Information Act Request Form to the Joliet Township Government Office.

2. Submitting a letter that includes your name, address, date and daytime phone number.

3.  Emailing the Township Directly at or using the form below.

3.  Requests can be made by calling  the Township Office during business hours at (815) 726-4781.

Written submission can be submitted by personal delivery, USPS, email, or telefax to the Joliet Township Government Office to request information.  Applicable fees will be determined after request is reviewed.  Please contact our FOIA Officer at (815) 726-4781 if you do not get a response within five business days of submitting your request.

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